• Product Review - Interior 2U Magazine
    ConeLite was introduced with its World City design of shades.

  • "Unfolding Romance" Campaign Promotion Gift
    CONELITE was selected by Grand Century Place, as a promotional gift for their "Unfolding Romance" Campaign.

    In Valentines Week 2012, any spending over HKD 1,314 with e-commerce in the mall will be entitled to redeem this romantic talior made table lamp.

    Design was an limited edition.

  • Interview - Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2011 (Autumn)
    After the fair, LightEveryDoor was interviewed by different media press.

    The main focus is the launch of CONELITE in various new designs - The Tiny City and the Xmas serious were all welcomed by clients across the world.

  • New Store - DSC, Hong Kong
    CONTELITE and GALEN are now available at selected DSC stores.
  • New Store - Design Gallery, Hong Kong
    CONTELITE is now available at Design Gallery in WanChai.
  • New Item - 3D Paper Lamp
    This warm and romantic item is now available at different locations. It is an interesting DIY item where you can draw, paint and write on it.

    Equipped with 4 x LED (auto color-changing), battery included.

    Visit your nearest store for a color-changing seasonal greeting now!

  • Interview - SME Pulse Magazine
    As a LED lamps producer, LightEveryDoor was interviewed by the government based trade magazine for its new concept.

    Publised by trade and industry development department. Titled "Saving energy - Green lighting to lid every household." Items concept were inttroduced.

    Open in new window (PDF format - Chinese Traditional, 3.6 MB)
  • Event - Green Carvanil 2010
    An appreciation letter was issued from Green Council for the support and sponsorship from Success Plastic. As a LED lamps manufacturer we support the idea of a greener earth.

  • New Store - YANKO Design Online
    Items by LightEveryDoor is now selling on this renowned, selected design store.
  • New Store - Design Gallery, Hong Kong
    GALEN is now available at Design Gallery in WanChai.
  • Product Review - Interior 2U Magazine
    GALEN and CHESS LAMP (stopped) were suggested in this interior design magazine.

  • New Store - Green Council Online
    Our products were listed in Green Conuncil website as "Green Product", providing a wider choice of green lighting products to the public.

  • Product Review - Todays Living Magazine
    GALEN was introduced at Today's Living Magazine, Jan 2010 as one of the Green Illumination.

  • Interview - Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2009 (Autumn)
    After the Hong Kong Lighing Fair 2009 (Autumn), GALEN was reported as a innovative green lamp by TDC.

    The original article was pulished on the TDC website via here.
    (Chinese Traditional Version Only).

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  • New Store - Joint Publising
    Inner Shine LED Gift Lamp is now available at different Joint Publishing stores!
  • New Item - Inner Shine Christmas Printing
    New Christmas imprint is now on the Inner Shine !
  • Event - GuangDong Foreign-Invested Enterprises Commodities Fair
    LightEveryDoor was invited to participate in the 1st holding of the fair.

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