GALEN - Breathing Lamp

Design Theme:

Designed with LED and using its flashing ability, GALEN aims to provide relaxation to people.Follow its slow flash with your breathing rate, calm yourself, now you can "sit back" and relax.

A Peaceful Lamp

GALEN in Greek means "Calm" or "Peace". This is a lamp product designed to provide relaxtion and a feel of peacefulness. The middle half transparent part allow LED lights to difuse. The holes design at the middle part helps to bring a feel of "flowing wind" in the flashing mode.

A Stool Lamp

The pillar shape provided a stable and concrete base, where it makes GALEN as a little stool, combined with durable plastic the stool can support a maximum 90kg of weight spread evenly on top (*).

A Breathing Lamp

The breathing function is in GALEN's central design plan. In this mode the LED will flash at a speed which imitates human's slow breathing rate. At the time when you follow and adjust your breathing rate with GALEN's flashing speed, your mind and body will be at ease. The breathing function makes GALEN an ideal lamp to put at your bedroom, you can play your favourite Jazz music, with the soft light from GALEN. Now, sit down comfortably, enjoy the calm and peaceful time GALEN brings you.

Technical Information:

Item Name: GALEN

Item Number: #LS-01-(Color Reference)

Material: Plastic (P.P. & ABS)

Size: 240 mm (diameter) x 360 mm (H)

Light Source: 20pcs Super Bright LED (Cold White)

Power Source: BS1363 British Socket Transformer (I/P: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz ; O/P: DC 12V / 0.5A MAX)

Control/Function: 3 ways swtich with dial: On / Off / "Breathing" slow flash mode;Full range dimmable control

"LightEveryDoor" and "Success Plastic Ind Ltd" will not take any responsibility of damage or loss from any in-proper use of GALEN.
Photo for reference only. Actual Color May Vary.

Related Information & News:

1 Feb 2010 Shops: GALEN is now on sale at Design Gallery, Hong Kong
22 Jan 2010 Interview: GALEN was introdced in Magazine Interior2U Jan 2010 as "Green Lighting"
11 Jan 2010 Interview: GALEN was introduced in TDC website, as one of the innovations in 2009 HKLFAE.
8 Jan 2010 Interview: GALEN was introduced in Today's Living Magazine Jan 2010 as "Green Illumination"


Red Blue Yellow Green
Black White Silver Gold
Purple Flocking

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