Business Co-operation

We work closly with our business partners. Due to our high flexible item imprints and variations, in addition to the standard item we are currently selling, we also work with companies for client orientated campaign for different promotional purposes / themes, creating values for all parties involved. We welcome any importor / distributor and retail inquires, at anywhere, any kind (Internet stores are very welcomed). You will find our contacts in the "Brand" section, please not hessitate to contact us via email.

Sales Co-operation
We are currently running co-operation with domesitc stores including HK TDC - Design Gallery and DSC Hong Kong, and export retail in the brand of "LightEveryDoor". If you are interested to begin the sales relationship with us, no matter if you are a domestic, export or online shop, regardless of size and scale, we all welcome you to contact us for a discussion.

Marketing Co-operation
Due to the highly flexible item nature, we also work with companies for their specific marketing campaigns. Our company have a long working history in marketing / promotional projects with different world-wide brands form Coca-Cola, Warner Bros to Nestle. Our quality and service would add great values, and continuity to your clients.

If you are looking for different options or other kind of co-operation, feel free to contact us at any time.

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