Inner Shine LED Gift Lamp

Design Theme

Designed to combine greeting card and gift all together. With the use of compact sized LED and a circular light shade, the light itself will bring a soft, relaxed tune and style to the surroundings.
For the shade, we had default printings on them with different occasions from Christmas to Birthday.

After selected your preferred printings you can write your own message on the back of the shade, making this a truly unique and memoeriable personal gift.

Each lamp comes with a transparent packaging in modern design, with holder for less useage of carry bag.

Technical Information

Item Name: Inner Shine LED Gift Lamp

Item Number: #AA-01-(Style Reference)

Material: P.P. / ABS Plastic & Metal Rod

Size: W130mm x D110mm x H380mm

Light Source: 4 x super bright LED (Cold-White)

Power Source:
2 x AA (#No.5) battery (Not included) - Battery can be changed

Control: On / Off Switch

Photos are for reference only.


"Keep Smile" Printings
Have you ever struggled in considering what present to give at people’s birthday, or their wedding anniversary? Now this collection of “Keep Smile” lamp may solve your bother. You can choose from different patterns for various of occasions.
"Robot Bear" Printings
Two bears BeBe (Male) and MoMo (female) have been living happily in their forest for many years. However, the continuing deforestation and pollutions resulted in some inevitable damages to their homes in no return. The sad bears then become unfriendly to human, equip with robot armor to travel the world for new home. During their journey, they met a lot of friends who helped them to open their minds. Could they finally find their new home?
"Culture" Printings
This collection focus on reflecting the Chinese / local culture, from the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac, local “Chinese Calligraphy”, trendy slangs to playful phrases. The wide inspirations is to hold and to contain different matters, leading to a “collective memory” for the young locals to remind of in many years later, to record things that once happened through all these years.

Photos for reference only. Actual Color May Vary.

Made to order

On Demand
Made to Order Service is a totally personalised service for making the unique, one-off item which can be used for special occasion, and accept quantity starting from only 1 piece.

We know sometimes it is difficulf to pick the perfect gift for anniversary, new born child, birthday, graduation or wedding party. This service is now the answer for anything you can think of. Quality finish, timmly delivery, personal service and more importantly, the price is also low!

Discount is available for bulk buying, ideal for small batch of event / promotion.
  • Price Table // Discount
    Basic Package: 1 x Lamp (With 2 Colors Printing) // HKD 128.00
    Standard Package: 1 x Lamp (With 4 Colors Printing) // HKD 168.00
    Extra Color Use of Printing: HKD 20.00 per color // Printing Color Instruction

    >> Delivery Charge is NOT INCLUDED <<

    All discount only apply to the same artwork / photo with respective discount level according to the below quantity.

    On purchase of 5 - 9 pcs: will enjoy a 5% discount on total purchase amount.
    On purchase of 10 - 15 pcs: will enjoy a 10% discount on total purchase amount.
    On purchase of 16 pcs & above: will enjoy a 15% discount on total purchase amount.
  • Buying Instruction
    Ordering your lamp is easy, simply follow the below steps.

    Prepare a photo at your desire (Please make sure you had read the photo notice), send us the photo and tell us what celebration it is for. Please also tell us any personal message you want to put on the lamp.

    We will transform the photo into a suitable artwork for the specific celebration, and add your personal message onto it. We will suggest some wordings if it is for general purpose. We will email you the artwork for approval.

    After the approval with a confirmed payment, we will begin the production. Please note that at this point everything is settled and cannot be changed.

    Your unique gift will be finished in about 7-10 days, and we will contact you for the delivery purpose. You can choose from different ways for delivery.
  • Examples
  • Photo / Artwork Notice
    Photos with a direct facing of the person would be preferred (ie: passport photos alike). Please note that lower resolution photo will result in some edgy outcome. A "LARGE" photo settings is suggested for digital cameras and smart-phones.

    For client's own artwork: please use 300 dpi for resolution, linear files would give better outcomes. Please use a circle in 13cm diameter as the background.

    Supported file format: We can only accept common photo format type (jpg/png), plus .psd / .ai / .pdf files.

    Please click HERE to view our color guide.
  • Order Information
    The total amount payment will be required when placing the order. Production will begin once payment is confirmed.

    Payment Method: Bank transfer / PayPal / Cash (For cash please hand into our Tai Po office). Bank / PayPal account details will be advised to you via E-Mail after order is received.

    Delivery: Only available in commercial / residential area in Hong Kong Island / Kowloon / NT. Delivery is not available for remoted areas / island. Delivery fee is HKD 35.00 per 1 KG (Inclusive of below). You can also collect the item on your behalf at our office.

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