3D LED Paper Lamp

Design Theme

A DIY decor gift lamp to deliver warm feeling and romantic atmosphere.
Multiple designs for different occasions.
Each lamp is equipped with 4 x Super Bright LED to deliver a warm and romantic atmosphere, with color changing LED to create a joyful and seasonal feeling. Battery Include.

Designed to have minimal steps to assemble, the true DIY process will require NO GLUE nor CUTTER, which makes it especially suitable as a gift for children to inspire their interests to art & design.

(Total assemble steps take an average of 15mins to finish).

More than that, you can also paint and write different messages on the lamp itself, make the unique gift lamp with your friends now!

Technical Information

Item Name: 3D LED Paper Lamp

Item Number: #AA-06-(Style Reference #)

Material: 220 gsm paper card

Size: Each design will be assembled from an A4 card, assembled size varies from item

Light Source: 4 x Super Bright LED (Color changing unless specified)

Power Source:
3 x AG13 button battery (Included) - Battery can be changed with screw driver ^

Control: On / Off Switch

Photos are for reference only.
^ Must be performed under audlt's inspection.


Christmas (#S01 - #S04)
Others (#S05 - #S08)
Halloween (#S11 - #S14)

Photos for reference only. Actual Color May Vary.

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